The Death Of Old Ideas

While watching the news, I found myself first numbed with fear for humanity’s future. Images of war, disease, and social injustices scattered across my T.V. Then, my mind began to wander. To become lost within its own alternate reality. To swim effortlessly upstream towards another dimension, not so unlike our own. Not in the beginning anyway. In my waking dream I see an instantaneous global awakening. A universal shift in consciousness towards acceptance and unity. What would happen if a our brains suddenly “awoke”?

I imagine hordes of people across the globe dressed in varying military uniforms dropping weapons, simultaneously. Ripping the uniforms from their war battered bodies they reclaim their individuality, shedding their disposable clone statuses. Refusing to be tools for death, destruction, and the persecution of others.

Perhaps, everyone would refuse to use currency for ANYTHING. Casually strolling into any store, everyone would be able to get whatever they need or want. Currency of any kind would be made useless. Social classes would be shattered. If money were obsolete and there were no profits to be made, would food be shipped throughout the world and dispersed among those countries that need it so desperately? How many children would die of starvation or lack of medicine?

The illusory borders of nations would no longer be acknowledged. People would travel freely, whenever and wherever they desired.

Religion would not be abolished, but accepted completely in any form as long as it didn’t cause maltreatment. Everyone would see how ridiculous it is to judge/harm others based on beliefs that have no impact on them personally.

The rigid boundaries placed on gender roles would vanish and everyone would be able marry whomever they please.

WHAT IF there was only one universal law that stated, “Do not intentionally cause harm or take from others.”

I just want to add that I am intelligent enough to see the real life problems with my dream world. But, this is just that. A dream world. A collection of pretty ideas. I am adding this to my Rants and Ramblings section for a reason. :) Feel free to add anything I didn’t think of. We can build our alternate reality together.

Ethereal Endurance

The weather

always changing, never caring

selfish and unrelenting

gripping through flesh and bone

searching for

what can’t be shown.

Calloused leather feet

face blistered beyond recognition

mouth so dry it dare not speak

hands cracked

stomach bloated from malnutrition

yet still

the weather

searches for what can’t be shown.

“Let me tell you,” says the beaten form

“a secret that has been forgotten.”

“What you seek so brutally

can’t be stolen or ripped from me.

It is a seed, so divine,

it outlives earth, stars, and time.

Yet what you think you steal


is given quite freely.

Because I know the truth

of the weather

that it cannot last forever.

But this seed, this seed

that nourishes and binds

my existence

beyond your concept of truth and time

grows a little

with every drought and wildfire

earthquake and hurricane

it reaches, unconsciously

spreading leaves wide

lifting further, growing stronger

until sublime petals peek through

and is reunited

with the heavenly world we once knew.”

My weeping heart.

Every time I watch the news my heart weeps. Logically, I understand the reasoning behind why people do what they do and behave the way they behave. Power. Greed. Wealth. Religion. All of these things are concepts as old as the humanity. All have been at the root of wars, blind hatred, and worse for as long as we have existed. The most basic part of me, my un-evolved primal self, gets it. You want more, you take it. You don’t like something, you destroy it.

The problem, the issue that shreds my faith in our future as a species, is that not only can I see what is going on, but I feel it. There aren’t dead bodies lined neatly across the ground creating a fleshy soulless track for a train filled with despair, but family. Not mine, but someone’s. Those aren’t bodies. They are memories that will forever be forgotten. Hopes that will never be realized. Lives that will never meet their full potential, their possibly wondrous potential that could re-shape mankind for the better. Where I once could see such atrocities and think, “Wow, that’s sad,” then move on with my day, now I have no choice but to weep at our selfishness.

How can people think they are gifted with a purpose of murder? How can someone look upon another with such a rage-filled hatred that it consumes their every thought and action? How can someone steal the life of someone’s child without mourning the loss? How can people be so blinded by things that, aside from religion, have no real purpose? Unfortunately, Earth and her people leave me with more questions than answers.

Sometimes, I sit in darkness and allow the quiet to envelop me, a sickening cocoon of pensive thoughts. I pull myself away from the illusion of this life and try to see our era from a third person perspective, or even a future historian. Will said historian speak of our time as a re-awakening or as a second Dark Age? One that is read about in over priced books by young men and women with obvious disgust, wonder, and pity. “How could they live like that?” they will ask. But I have to admit, I also wonder how the misguided actions of this era will shape the future. Will there even be a tattered used book to buy or will this Dark Age, this Age of Deceit and Paranoia, lead to a world so beautiful with divine love that it is beyond our current comprehension? I choose to believe the latter. No, I have to believe it. Because if I don’t, if all of the loss and suffering is for nothing, then my heart will be consumed. There will be no reason for anything. No reason to work. No reason to love. No reason to remain here.


Allegiances, blind and ignorant

weave hatred and lies

propelling genocide

as a way of life

into minds, of young and old.

Love and acceptance

is seen as a character flaw

to be bleed and mutilated

bound and subjugated

it’s teachings twisted and manipulated

until all that’s left is unholy law.

There will never be peace among men

Joy will never find it’s home within weary hearts

for the greatest tragedy

in our war mongering history


Oh Humanity

Oh humanity,
with your designer cloth
to cover rotting flesh
your skyscrapers to claim
a heaven meant to be shared
your technology
your ideals
evolving at a pace
that will soon get everyone killed.

Oh humanity,
how you boast your accomplishments
how you worship your objects
how you destroy life
how you grow in your self-loathing
and empty bubbles
made by your man-made materials.

Oh humanity,
why can you not see?
The beauty of your existance
is not found in your worldly possessions
not in your ability to destroy
so that you can claim creation
but in the fact that you exist.